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North Pinellas County Democratic Club 

Candidate Endorsements:
Just a reminder that our club supports all Democrats that step up to the challenge of seeking office and that we do not favor one Democrat over another during the primaries even in non-partisan elections. If you are canvassing for a particular candidate, please do not identify yourself as a club member as it  implies support of the organization. All democratic candidates are provided the opportunity to share a brief message at the meeting, but again this does not mean we support any one candidate over another.

Your Candidates

NPCDC LOGO with 2020 Vote Blue! Primary August 18th, general election November 3rd List of qualified candidates.  scroll down to hear the candidates.

Please Click on Photo and/or Name for information to get your candidate elected.

Precinct Committee Person

Precinct 526

Karen L. Mullins

Lauren Mullins

Mischelle Martyn

Precinct 533

Ann Pelishek

Krystyn Daniels

Precinct 534

Lacy K. Hollings

Lea A. Ogozelec

Precinct 535

Linda Lee Miller

Allison Barnard

Jean Marie Lari

Amy Valentino

Precinct 539

Jacqueline “Jackie” McDonald

Robin Snell

Precinct 608

Laurie Powers-Shamone

Coleen E. Daniels

Precinct 612

James Skufca

Bruce Heinke

Andrew Fleming


Malanda Schmitz

Ilene Heinke

Molly Nelson

Precinct 622

Alex McDonald

Daryl S. Herrick

Carlo Herrick


Property Appraiser

Tax Collector

Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections

Pinellas County Commission

Pinellas County School Board

Florida House District 64

Florida House District 65

Florida House District 66

Florida House District 67

US Congressional District 12

US Congressional District 13

President of United States